Welcome Home Josefa!

Cuban-born Josefa came to the United States in 1968. Learning English while acclimating to cultural differences, Josefa faced challenges adapting. Married at a young age, Josefa had four [...]

First Horizon Bank

Investing in the stabilization of Broward County’s low-income residents with mental illness by providing affordable housing benefits us all. Broward Housing Solutions could not accomplish our [...]

Fire Safety Awareness

Our local American Red Cross chapter has been responding to home fires at an increasing rate. Here is how you can help us make homes safer by promoting their free 15-minute training to your [...]

“Welcome home Stanley!”

‘Stanley’ has been calling South Florida home since moving here from Georgia in the late 1960s. Happy to finally have a roof over his head, ‘Stanley’ told Broward Housing Solutions’ Case Manager, [...]

My girls! My home!

Born in Jamaica 35 years ago, Shantika and her sister came to the US at a very young age. Due to complicated family issues, she and her sister were soon placed in foster care. Following sporadic [...]

Welcome Home India!

Struggling with her mental illness and substance abuse landed 34-year old India on the streets and homeless for nearly 3-years. Connected with a case manager who guided her with stabilization [...]

Welcome home Antonio!

football player, Antonio lost his landscaping job and townhouse.Homeless for over 2-years, 58-year old Antonio’s advice: “Stay clean. Stay focused. Stay healthy. Don’t use your money to do [...]

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