Although chronic homelessness represents a small percentage (16%) of the overall homeless population and the number of people experiencing chronic homelessness is decreasing across the United States, this population consumes more than half of services.


The federally-funded Samaritan program, provides independent, permanent, and affordable housing within 19 -total properties owned and operated by Broward Housing Solutions®. Chronically homeless  tenants diagnosed with a Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) will reside in an apartment unit easily accessible to transportation, employment and educational opportunities, healthcare services, and shopping. One, two and three-bedroom units are available in various cities, throughout Broward County. Based on availability, tenants will either live in a 2 bedroom unit as part of a roommate arrangement or alone in a 1-bedroom unit.

Supported by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and administered through Broward County’s Continuum of Care (CoC), Broward Housing Solutions® is able to provide affordable housing to tenants (and their family) at only 30 percent (30%) of their gross monthly income.

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