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Cuban-born Josefa came to the United States in 1968. Learning English while acclimating to cultural differences, Josefa faced challenges adapting.
Married at a young age, Josefa had four children,two boys and two girls. Josefa’s marriage soon fell apart. Juggling work, raising a family, and struggling to pay bills as a single mother and sole provider, Josefa’s mental and physical health began deteriorating. Though remaining positive Josefa’s relationships were strained, particularly with her now adult daughters. In 2014, Josefa lost her first son to a tragic car accident.
Josefa continued working hard to make ends meet. Unable to keep up with her finances, Josefa moved in with her sister. Regrettably, this relationship did not work, and Josefa was asked to move out. Working at TJ Maxx, Josefa met with their Human Resources department who assisted her in getting into the homeless shelter at Broward Partnership for the Homeless Initiative (BPHI) in 2021. Enrolled in the Rapid Rehousing Program (RRH), Josefa was connected with a variety of community resources that also assisted with medication, supportive services, and household goods.
Tragedy struck again on November 14th, 2021, when Josefa learned that her 36-year-old son lost his life in a fatal motorcycle accident. Following several suicide attempts, Josefa’s mental and physical health continued declining. Josefa eventually lost her employment.
This year in February while meeting all eligibility criteria, Josefa transitioned from Rapid Rehousing to BHS’ Broward II affordable, permanent, and supportive housing program. Focused on her mental and physical health, Josefa is getting stronger. Former employer, TJ Maxx invited her to return when she is ready.


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