Home is where you hang your heart!

Residing in an unsafe and unstable setting, Amanda and her family are excited to finally have a place to call home with their 2-year old son, Ethan. Actively participating at her home church and ‘doing good’, she is now the recipient of ‘goodness’ in the form of a stable, safe and affordable home with Broward Housing Solutions. Amid many setbacks with her mental health and unfortunate events within the last couple of years, Amanda is very proud of how far she has come; she continues thriving and looking forward to a bright and fulfilled future which includes her spouse, Fabian, son, Ethan and family friends. “Not only do we have a home but also a big back yard where Ethan can play. This is where I look forward to making memories with my family…. What a blessing and just in time for Thanksgiving! Thank you Broward Housing Solutions,!” said Amanda.

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