My girls! My home!

Born in Jamaica 35 years ago, Shantika and her sister came to the US at a very young age. Due to complicated family issues, she and her sister were soon placed in foster care. Following sporadic episodes of homelessness coupled with mental health issues, Shantika lost custody of her two daughters.

Fiercely determined to reunite with her young daughters, Shantika worked diligently with her case manager at Archways. Within just 1-month of being referred to Broward Housing Solutions, Shantika secured permanent and supportive housing within the federally funded program, Broward II, in the Summer of 2019.

Nearly two years of stable, supportive, and affordable housing, Shantika successfully regained custody of her daughters, graduated from Florida Career College on February 1st, 2021 as a Patient Care Technician, and continues maintaining a self-sufficient life for her family. Shantika told Broward Housing Solutions’ Housing Specialist, Angela: “Regardless of the pandemic, I promised to make positive choices so that my daughters can live a better life”. Shantika continues thriving and is exploring a promising future in the healthcare field.

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