Broward Housing Solutions® provides independent, permanent, and supportive housing to low-income persons and/or homeless, diagnosed with mental illness and other disabling conditions in affordable rental apartment units across Broward County.

Properties are accessible to transportation, employment and educational opportunities, healthcare services, and shopping. One, two and three-bedroom units are available in various cities, throughout Broward County.

Through the referral and clinical support service of community-based mental health providers, Broward Housing Solutions® is able to offer affordable subsidized rent to tenants and their family for only 30 percent (30%) of their gross monthly income. Various funding support and partnerships supplement the remainder or seventy-percent (70%).

Have questions about how to apply for this program?  Please contact us at

*(Mental Health America (2018). The State of Mental Health in America. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Jan. 2018])

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