Broward Housing Solutions® is pleased to introduce our newest B4 “Senior Solutions” resident

Residing in her car for the past few years, 66-year old ‘Ms. Carlis’ was referred to BHS’ affordable housing program named: Broward IV. For many years ‘Ms. Carlis’ worked for the State of Florida in a variety of administrative capacities. While life has been very challenging especially since the passing of her parents, ‘Ms. Carlis’ told BHS that she is grateful for this housing opportunity where she will finally find a peace of mind in her own home.

Ms Williams was born in 1953 Broward County. She worked many years for the State of Florida and receives from them Retirement Benefits. Per Ms Williams life has not been easy after her parents past away, challenging with many  family issues. She is tired of living in her Car and needs a place to be in peace.

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