Maria Felisa De Kler, RNAdvocacy & Awareness Committee

    Maria Felisa De Kler, Advocacy Committee. Originally from Paraguay and US citizen since 1970, Maria “Felisa” De Kler is an associate nurse graduate from Medical Center of Delaware and a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) since 1977. “I Love my job and volunteering” states Felisa. Currently she serves as a Director, President of Fundacion Panambi Inc., helping within the medical area in Paraguay. Additionally, Felisa has been volunteering in the community as one of the Director of Women’s Journey Inc. since 2009. She joined the Lions Club       International (LCI) in 2012, serving as Director, President and Treasurer at Lions Club of Delray Beach. Felisa’s passion serving the community is contagious and she says that she’s exited to have the opportunity to serve as a Board member of Broward Housing Solutions®.

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