Chip CenciAdministrative Analyst

    Chip Cenci joined the team in September 2021 as an Administrative Analyst. His specialties are a resourceful problem solver with a flair for identifying and devising effective methods for increasing productivity and reducing inefficient work procedures. He has created job training roadmaps or SOP’s, participated in the development of new software being designed and worked with marketing to produce compelling web environments. He has special depth in negotiating with vendors to successfully reduce unnecessary company costs.

    Chip went to Los Angeles Valley College where he studied Business Administration.
    In his Analyst rolls he consulted for many prestigious companies in Los Angeles such as: EMI music, Disney Studios, Universal Studios, Paramount Studios, Warner Bros Studios, Sony Music, Capital Records and also consulted as an Auditor for Bank of America via Price Waterhouse resolving misapplied issued bonds. In his spare time he worked as an Investigator of Discrimination for the Fair Housing Council of Los Angeles.


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