Please consider designating Broward Housing Solutions (Broward County Community Development Corp., Inc.) as your charity of choice with Amazon Smile, as they are making giving back much easier.

It’s a simple and automatic way you can contribute every time you shop with Amazon, at no cost to you. Simply log-on to smile.amazon.com and add Broward County Community Development Corp., Inc. as the charity of your choice. Amazon will automatically donate a portion of the purchase price to Broward Housing Solutions.

Follow the easy instructions below and help the Organization to continue to offer permanent, affordable, and supportive housing for very low-income individuals who have disabilities and Severe and Persistent Mental Illnesses.

>>>>> SIMPLY>>>>>

  • Log-On to smile.amazon.com
  • Specify the Broward County Community Development Corp., Inc. as your charity of choice.
  • Begin shopping
  • Amazon will email you a confirmation

Please share this wonderful & easy way to support Broward Housing Solutions with your family, friends, and associates.

We thank Amazon for this opportunity and send you our sincere gratitude for your support.

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