Clinical Housing Navigator


The Clinical & Housing Navigator-Case Manager position is responsible for acting as the liaison for BHS®’ low- income and/or homeless, disabled residents with disabilities who also have a mental illness and/or SPMI (Severe Persistent Mental Illness) with the Housing Specialists and internal and external case management and providing case management services for clients of BHS®.

This position will coach and lead the BHS®’ team to understand the clinical aspect of affordable sustainable housing. This position will also coordinate home visits, and outsourced case management to identify opportunities for client housing stability, recovery, and reintegration. The Clinical Housing Navigator will also aid in closing the gap of services rendered by community mental health providing agencies (Case Managers) and clients housed.

This role is also responsible for developing, implementing and reviewing individualized care and service treatment plans working closely with the Housing Specialists. This role will also review the status of residents with local community partners for development of life skills, sustaining success and wellness and to connect clients with community resources in meeting/achieving stabilization, recovery and client service needs in an effort for tenants’ self-sufficiency and reintegration back into society becoming contributing members of our community.


  • Take ownership of the holistic needs and comprehensive assessments and case management services to all clients including: intake assessment, benefit assessment, goal setting, long-term case plan development, case plan development, progress monitoring, individual money management, tenant education, advocacy and referrals, and, engages clients and families in the development of service implementation
  • Lead BHS® Case Managers and coordinate with Housing Specialists to close the gap of services so that residents sustain and maintain their
  • Manage the process of vacancies or potential vacancies while collaborating with the Housing Specialists to reduce fiscal irresponsibility for BHS®.
  • Council clients/residents and/or their families to facilitate achieving service plan goals, developing life skills, and/or sustaining success and wellness; conducts activities and monitors the service environment in a manner to maximize client success and well-being.
  • Collaborate between community Case Managers and Housing Specialists and help advocate on behalf of clients and families for services, basic needs, and other related
  • Conduct comprehensive, client-centered social work activities in accordance with best
  • Review status of residents housed, while assessing ‘high-priority’ clients requiring additional support to sustain housing (budgeting; payee status; meeting and exceeding individualized care plans), conducting home visits (as needed) related to client needs.
  • Respond to all housing inquiries and provide / or oversee initial intake and assessment, follow-up and monitor clinical service delivery.
  • Remain updated with community resources and procedures for referring clients to appropriate
  • Facilitate case consultation for BHS® client situations enlisting support of Case Managers and Housing
  • Develop and document critical incidents, crisis prevention plans, intervention, analysis and supportive services as
  • Connect clients with needed and available community resources. Follow-up with clients and agencies as appropriate to document use/success of
  • Take ownership of and fully understand the federally funded (contract) budgets and billing so that decisions regarding purchasing of items (e.g. bus passes; ancillary client needs) and reporting requirements be made independent of Accounting Department staff. Approval of budget proposals will be granted by direct supervisor or Chief Programs Officer.
  • Oversee the documentation for all service contacts on a timely basis including face-to-face interviews, contacts, correspondence and the case records in client files and all data systems.
  • Provide all required documentation in a timely manner, which may include client follow-up, outcome evaluation, client contact sheets, funder-required reporting and
  • Assist and provide insight in the preparation of Performance Reviews of BHS®’ Case Managers, disciplinary actions, goal setting and coaching for optimal
  • Participate in staff meetings, staff training programs, supervisory sessions, and accept the responsibility for aiding the development of positive team relationships.
  • Take ownership of regular collaborative Case Manager meetings; planning, preparing agenda, maintaining invitation / distribution list, organizing and conducting.
  • Provide weekly updates and required reports to BHS®’ Chief Programs Officer.


  • Ability to work independently with strong sense of focus, task-oriented, non-judgmental, open personal qualities, clear sense of
  • Must have effective verbal and written communication skills with the ability to establish rapport with both internal and external partners.
  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment computer aptitude test with the following minimum scores:
  1. Microsoft Excel: 6 or greater
  2. Microsoft Word: 7 or greater
  3. Microsoft Outlook: 7 or greater
  • Education Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree / Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or related
  • Familiarity with HMIS / Service Point is a plus.
  • SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR) training a plus.
  • Knowledge of community resources and counseling/social work practices with high risk
  • Experience working with persons in
  • Adhere to company policies, procedures, including HIPAA regulations and professional code of ethics.
  • Good factual documentation
  • Ability to motivate others in achieving their professional
  • A strong sense of and respect for confidentiality involving clients, external resources and fellow
  • Ability to work in a variety of settings with culturally-diverse families and communities with the ability to be culturally sensitive and
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and a reliable source of
  • Must successfully complete Level II background and drug

Salary: Commensurate with experience.

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